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 Tarmwe Non Revenue Water management Project

 Tender to recruit a project operator to assist the implementation of the project (technical assistance, capacity building and eventually equipment purchase)


1      Yangon City Development Committee of the Yangon Region Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, has received a grant of 1.25 M€ from the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) of the French Government to support the Tarmwe Non Revenue Water Management Project (described hereafter).

2      The Tarmwe non-revenue water management project will improve water service performances in Tarmwe Township of Yangon City by reducing in significant way both physical and commercial losses. At least 200,000 people living in Tarmwe township will have access to improved water system and about 50,000 m3/year water will be saved.

3      The Project Operator is referred below as the “Consultant”. The Consultant will carry out the following tasks:

a)    Procurement and set up of monitoring tools and equipment.

The consultant will provide technical assistance to YCDC to implement the installation of a comprehensive measurement system in Tarmwe Township. The consultant, in cooperation with YCDC, will update and finalize theexisting design of the measurement system, provide and set up the necessary equipment.

b)    Strengthening of Yangon City water service management capacities

The consultant will provide technical assistance to the Engineering Department (Water and Sanitation) of YCDC to support the creation of a “non-revenue water unit (NRW Unit)” and Customer Management Section. The Consultant will provide training and assistance to update the customer database.

c)    Scaling Up of Non-Revenue Water Management Model.

The consultant will develop with the NRW Unit a global non-revenue water reduction action plan for the whole Yangon City and propose the necessary tools for effective results.


4      The consultant will provide the services through a permanent and resident expert supported, if relevant, by short term mission experts. Experience is therefore required in the following fields: NRW reduction; water utility management; procurement and supervision of water network works. The project duration should not exceed 18 months.


5      Upon conclusion of the tender process, a contract will be signed between the successful bidder and YCDC.


6      Eligibility criteria:

(i)            The consultant will have to demonstrate his qualification in carrying out all tasks required to implement project of reduction of non-revenue water.

(ii)           In addition the consultant will be required to provide information evidencing that he has a significant experience, in cities similar to Yangon, in assisting local authorities in charge of water service management, in order to address NRW issues.

(iii)          It will be expected that the successful bidder would maximize the use of local skills for project implementation.

(iv)         Foreign Consultants must have taken or, if selected, should be ready to take any necessary steps to comply with Myanmar legislation, in order to be able to work and to employ local skills in Myanmar.

(v)          Consultants should be private firm sand must have (i) a significant experience in water service management ; ii) have managed and procured similar contracts during the five  last years.

(vi)         Experiences in the Asian region and in Myanmar will be positively considered.

7      Eligible consultants are invited to express their interest in providing the services. Interested firms shall submit relevant and comprehensive information and documentation showing that (i) they will be eligible to perform the services and that (ii) they have the required capability. The capability statement should include the presentation of brochures, description of similar assignments/experiences in similar conditions and availability of appropriate skills among the staff.

8      Consultants will be selected in accordance with the guidelines for the procurement of the Agence Française de Développement. In assessing the expressions of interest, consideration will be given to the technical competence of the consultants, the qualifications and experience of the staff proposed for the assignment. Only consultants with proven experience, excellent track records in similar assignments, and capability to deal with the Tarmwe non-revenue water project, will be considered.

9      This is not a request for proposals. After a review of the letters of interest, a shortlist (with a maximum of six (6) consultants) will be prepared, and those listed consultants will be invited to submit their proposals through a letter of invitation including specific terms of reference.

10   Interested consultants may obtain further information by email at the address below. Expressions of Interest must be delivered to the same address before 12:00 hours local time on 12th November 2017. Expressions of Interest received late will not be considered for the shortlist.



Expressions of interest must be delivered through electronic documentation to the following addresse below (YCDC, owner of the project), before 12thNovember, 2017, 12:00 local time, with copy to the two other addresses (AFD, donor):


Engineering Department (Water and Sanitation), YCDC
U Aung San Win, Head of Department


Agence Française de Développement
Olivier Gilard, Task team leader



                                                                                    Agence Française de Développement
                                                                                    Pierre Marneffe, Project Officer
                                                                                    E-mail :


Q1. Are the consultants required to submit CVs of qualified personnel at this stage, or would a table listing their qualification and experience suffice?

A1. At this stage, the consultants can submit either CVs or table listings.

Q2. Are the consultants required to sign the 'Declaration of Integrity, Eligibility and Social and Environmental Responsibility' at the EoI stage? If so, would it be possible to receive a copy of the statement in English, please?

A2. At this stage, the consultants do not need to submit 'Declaration of Integrity, Eligibility and Social and Environmental Responsibility'. 

Q3. Does this mean, we can submit the EOI through email (the EOI dossier as an attachment)? If the answer to (a) is yes, please specify the maximum file size for the email attachment. If the answer to (a) is no, please specify the process for submission.

A3. Yes, the consultants can submit the EOI together with its dossier until the total file size is not greater than 25 MB; and if the total file size is bigger than 25 MB, please share your files using any platform including Google Drive. However, the consultants must take the responsibility to ensure that both YCDC and AFD receive the EOI.  

 Q4. Could you send us all information on that project as well as the criteria for submitting EOI?

A4. All of the information needed for this stage has already mentioned in the request for EOI that was announced in YCDC website and AFD website. Information concerning about eligibility criteria for submitting EOI are mainly described in clause 6 and 7.  Currently, we cannot provide additional documentation in this Requesting for EoI stage.